Whether you are in the process of looking for a new space to open up a brand new practice, or if you are just looking to renovate an existing space we can help you through every step of the process. Please take advantage of our free 30-minute web conference to discuss your next project.



1What separates you from other Dental Construction Companies?
Our experience in building and cost management is our biggest strength. We were tasked with building one of the largest Dental Facilities (please ask us for a tour of the facility) in all of Canada and built it for a very reasonable overall cost. Our relationships with hundreds of suppliers has given us great pricing in the industry which we are able to pass onto our clients. We know we can build something amazing and durable for your practice.
2How do you charge for a construction project?
A lot of our competitors will charge on a “per square foot” basis. We have generally avoided this type of pricing model as in a lot of cases it does not make sense for our customers. Depending on the specific physical space, mechanical costs can vary immensely. We always take a thorough account of whats existing in the space before giving a price.
3Do you have designers, engineers, and/or Architects on staff?
We are happy to work with your designers, engineers, or architects. We also have on staff engineers, designers and architects who have experience in building dental offices. Even if you are just in the planning stages of your project, we will still be able to help out.
4Do you work with dental suppliers?
We have developed great relationships with dental suppliers in the industry. These include the bigger dental suppliers as well as smaller independent ones. We will be able to recommend you a dental supplier based on your specific needs and practice. We also coordinate dental equipment installations with all dental suppliers to ensure your office is prepared correctly and installation goes smoothly.