Dr. Tuli

Preconstruction Agreement
Phase I Payment
$ 5,650

Includes All Taxes and Fees
  • 3D Design: We create a detailed 3D design of your dental office renovation.
  • Professional Guidance: Our dental construction experts guide you throughout the process.
  • Exact Pricing: Get exact pricing for your dental office renovation.
  • Permit Drawings
All inclusive

Design Notes:

Op is 10(wide) x12 (deep)

DCI Series 5 chair

Door must be a swing in door.

Services to be taken from the wall rough in done in floor

 TV mounted on ceiling near window

TV mounted within ceiling

Reveal Edge Tiles 2×2. 

2×2 mobile carts in room

Rear and Side Cabinet

Existing light to stay

  • If you choose to continue with us with the construction Phase, the Phase I payment will be deducted from
  • the total cost of construction.
Total Estimated Project Cost: $42,000-$52,000.00