Ground Floor

Second Story


Dr. Ohndia

Preconstruction Agreement
Phase I Payment
$ 11,300
Includes All Taxes and Fees
  • Fixed cost estimates: By providing a detailed analysis of the project's costs, clients can have a better understanding of what to expect before committing to the construction process.
  • Reduced risk: The preconstruction package can help identify potential issues or challenges that may need to be addressed before construction begins, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses or delays.
  • Enhanced collaboration: By working closely with the client and their designer during the preconstruction phase, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project's vision is fully realized.
  • Professional Guidance: Our dental construction experts guide you throughout the process.
  • 3D Environment- Visualize your office with our updating 3d replica of your office.
All inclusive
  • If you choose to continue with us with the construction Phase, the Phase I payment will be put towards the total cost of construction