see your space in 3d

Renovate your room digitally so there are no surprises when construction is done physically.

Get ready to renovate

There has never been a better time to renovate a part of your home or office. Your room can be digitally brought to life with a simple self-recorded video captured on your smartphone. Our team takes your video and turns it into a 3D model of your room that is ready to show your contractor so they can start sourcing and building.

Go from this

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How it works

You send us


As many photos as possible of your space.


We also accept other drawings, renders and sketches.

We send you

3D Model

A 3D model designed to spec of your room.


We create three different designs based on your provided information.

Construction Quote

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area we also attach a construction project quote to go from drawings to construction.