We supply and install computer systems specifically designed for medical/dental offices. We set up back up solutions and protect patient data according to HIPAA and PIPEDA standards. We also provide reliable solutions for dental offices. We provide cable pulling services, termination, AV Installations, TV installations, Phone Installations and much more.



1What services do you offer?
New computer installations, Computer Maintenance, Television installation, AV Room Installations, Networking/Data Cabling, Onsite Data Solutions, Cloud backup solutions. We are fully equipped to take on any part of your office’s IT needs.
2Will you come look at my current Computer set up?
Yes, if you are unsure about your computer needs, we would be glad to come take a look to let you know what needs to be done in a free 30 minute on-site consultation. We will be able to make recommendations based on current standards.
3Do you offer on going service?
Yes, we are able to offer ongoing maintenance packages for offices to ensure that their data backup is secure and functioning as intended, as well as to ensure the security of the overall network and durability of your hardware.