The future

of building

is here

Modernizing the building process.

We Plan Spaces

And then we make them come to life.

See every inch of your space

Before it's even built

See it and experience it

like never before

Welcome to new way of building

From Design to build


2d/3d drawings

Gary Floor Plan

2d Permit submissions

All under one roof

Exclusive Access to

thousands of products

Dental Chairs






Dedicated manufacturing

facility for all build

technology jobs

Where we make 3d models a reality

Send us all information as it relates to your project.

This includes pictures, videos, 2d drawings, plans etc.

Build Technology takes in all your information, and makes a 3d replica model of your space. 

You get to choose equipment from our online 3D warehouse where we have access to thousands of products.

You get a breakdown of the designs. This includes the 2d drawings, as well as the 3d models for you to keep.

Get an exact idea of the type of office you would like to build

Enjoy your digitized space. At this time you can start planning out your build out with much more information

See your space before

you build it.